Empowering Students to be successful leaders and followers who are prepared with the skills necessary for college, career and beyond for the 21stcentury. This will be done with small class sizes in an environment that promotes mutual respect for students and faculty, preparing students in culturally diverse populations as well as economic backgrounds prepared for college and career readiness and collaborating with industry professionals in a project based and problem solving, research based and standards based instruction.


Students who are enrolled in Transforming Lives Charter Schools will excel at the highest level by having a safe and supportive learning environment for students, staff and faculty. Along with strong academics aligned with common core and college and career ready standards. Additionally, students will have access to computers to enhance student learning and achievement. Students will learn through project based and problem based learning that prepares to make connections to industry through partnerships.


Core Values

College and Career Readiness: Students will become ready for university or vocational enrollment for continuing education or entering the career of study.

Community Service: Students will learn to serve others in a for profit or a not-for-profit organization while training in their field of study.

Communication: Students will be able to communicate with people in all aspects of communication.

Leadership: Students will learn leadership skills through classroom leadership position, school leadership positions and through internships and community service.

Integrity: Students will grow into people that understand honesty and truth through responsibility and relationships.